melodramatic fun-loving fuck

Krida Fahlo

melodramatic fun-loving fuck


Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon - (1953)

~de Kooning~   Sans Titre    (1979)
Anonymous: hi beautiful

Hey there anon, why so anonymous? x


Richard Lapham- I have a passion for psychology,  and I focus my work on understanding human nature and our consciousness.  I’ve explored how we perceive and internalize visual information in the past, and I am currently interested in  Jung’s collective unconsciousness, specifically the idea of archetypes. Using myself as a tool of exploring the unconscious, I visually document how my mind shapes and realizes familiar archetypes in a mash of mixed media. This process usually takes me through cycles of building up a space/subject and breaking it down again. The closest I’ve come to understanding my own unconsciousness is in the moments of ambiguity between a recognizable subject and total abstraction. 

Title: Three Nude Figures  13 x 19”. $900. Mixed media (oil paint, pastel, digital c-print, white gesso). 

Jack Vanzet

Fredrik Akum

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